Champions Hockey - The Ultimate Canadian Sport
Play like the pros... Champions is the only day camp in Montreal that offers campers an opportunity to skate as part of their camp day. Campers skate, shoot, stick handle, pass just like their favorite hockey stars. Campers get a chance to show off their skating skills during our Summer Hockey Playoffs.

Center Ice-Figure Skating Program

Champions also offers our campers an opportunity to participate in our unique Figure Skating program. Feel like a champion while skating, gliding and twirling on our regulation size rink. Our stars shine during our weekly dazzling "IceCapades".

Please Note

Parents who wish for their camper to participate in the skating program should check the skating option box on the registration form (under their child's dates in camp). Please add $25 for each week of camp to your postdated cheque.

Decisions... Decisions...
Participation in the Skating Program is optional. All campers have a wide range of exciting Summer Sports and Exploration activities as an alternative to skating.


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