Surprise! Surprise! You never know what’s flying, hopping, galloping, slithering or walking into camp: ponies, camels, hayrides, lamas, Quaker parakeets, Amazon parrots, Emerald lizards, Waterdogs, Teddy Bear hamsters, salamanders, Packman frogs, petting zoos and the occasional dinosaur.

Each week Champions opens the gates to a world of adventure, celebrating kids’ enduring love of animals. Weekly visits from Mr. Reptilian ensure thrilling encounters with real, imaginary and extinct creatures.

A splash for all ages. Visit the waterslides. Play Ultimate Frisbee, Hawaiian Beach Ball and Build Sandcastles. Taste tropical treats and surprise your friends with Supersoakers.
Waterworld has everything you need for a day of cool refreshing fun — it is wet and wild.

3799 Queen Mary, MONTREAL (QUÉBEC) H3V 1A7