Lights, camera, action.... Here at the
Champions Studio, you can do it all. Imagine being in or behind the scenes of your very own movie. You can be the star or the director, the hero or the villain. Your movie can be about a mermaid, a monster, a king or a queen. And just when you think you have seen it all, you can be a spicy rock star and make your own Music Videos.

Champions is proud to introduce its new Broadway Theatre Program. It is specially designed so that campers can let their creative energy shine through song, dance and drama productions. Campers will hip and hop and dance like their favorite Popstars in our all new Rhythm Nations Program.

Campers will present their movies, plays, dance routines and songs to the rest of the kids during weekly Friday Festivals.

3799 Queen Mary, MONTREAL (QUÉBEC) H3V 1A7