Swim Like a Champ!
Daily Red Cross Aquaquest swim program and
Canadian Swim Patrol Lifesaving program

At Champions safety is number one. Every day campers participate in a Red Cross Aquaquest swim program in our heated indoor Olympic pool. Aquaquest allows children aged three and older to swim daily so they can practice safe water activities for life. Counselors keep parents up to date about each camper with bi-weekly Swim Progress Reports. Red Cross badges are awarded to campers to celebrate the passing of a successfully completed level.

Our Canadian Swim Patrol Program is a 3-step junior life guard program designed for young swimmers who have completed all Aquaquest levels and are ready to work on their swimming strength and efficiency with an emphasis on personal responsibility for water safe behavior. Focus is on H20 safety, First Aid and Rescue Work.

Swim groups are kept small for all ages and abilities to ensure that each camper feels safe and comfortable in the water and allowing for individual attention so campers can improve at a strong continuous pace. All Champions campers have the option to participate in our supervised free swim periods allowing them extra time to enjoy the water with their friends and counselors.

Free extra swim time is available for hesitant swimmers who need that extra bit of attention. Swimming is a life saving skill and you can never have too much of a good thing.


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